Opening Up

Red Herring sweater, Topshop tights, D-I-Y leg accessories, Sox Gallery socks, unbranded hat, Fossil bag, Up wedges

I think I'm scared. Of getting married. My wedding is only a few weeks away, and I'm getting closer to being somebody else's. I will no longer be just me. I fear not of making a commitment, but of losing my personal freedom. I've always been an independent girl, and I somehow very much enjoy it. My ego would say, I have my own things, my own ways, my own dreams, and I don't know how this all would be once I'm tied to a man. Simplest thoughts: do I always have to wake up earlier than him? Can I sleep whenever I feel like sleeping and not have to sleep according to his timing? Do I always have to wear nice clothes in front of him? No more pinky stuff in my bedroom? No more My Little Pony dolls? No more floral wall stickers? Do I have to always be awake when he comes back from office? Can I still have a Glee marathon every night before I go to bed? Can I still become a successful entrepreneur and not end up giving it up because I have no more time?

I might sound very childish, I know. But at least I'm honest. I do believe that this all will work out just fine. It's all a natural process everyone goes through. Love's crazy, right? I love you, S.

S: "Babe.."
Me: "Yes?"
S: "We're the best couple in the world, right?"
Me: "Yup!"