For The Better

So many times have I met people who are very surprised to see me after such a long time, and they start talking about how I was so much skinnier and unattractive back then, and that they see that I have at least taken better care of myself today. But they don't stop there. They keep on talking about the old days, and emphasize on "oh you should have seen her back then", as if my present does not entertain them as much.

Why do we keep referring to the past, if what matters is "today" and how we have progressed? I am not ashamed of my past, of how I looked, of how much weirder I was back then. But do we really need to keep rewinding? Everyone grows! :)

Every human being goes through phases of not looking that good, looking better, gaining weight, losing weight, having pimples, gotten rid of pimples, ugly hair, better hair, was lame, now cooler. Well some people are just very lucky that they've always been the pretty ones and remained the same. But hey, not everyone is that lucky! We all grow, and it's all normal. But I notice that some people enjoy more on highlighting the less-good moments of someone, as if it's just a better story to tell and share.

Remembering our own past can be useful to remind ourselves of how far we've progressed in life, but pointing out the less-exciting past of other people continuously out of, I dunno, jealousy (?), really makes you look like you're living in the past and not wanting to move on. Or that you're stuck and not progressing yourself so you feel the need to take down someone else so that you feel better.

We. All. (Should). Change. For the better...:)

PS: It's Keenan's 2nd birthday todayyyyyyy! Yayyyyyy!!!