Bedside Lamp


Hi, are you doing? :)

I really feel like writing right now, but I'm not really sure what to write about heheh. S is asleep already (such a baby!) while I'm awake checking emails and just randomly browsing this and that. Life after marriage is.... enjoyable! I'm so happy that things are just as it is, only more peaceful because S is always around.

You know, the power of praying to God is really really powerful. Never be afraid to ask God what you wish to achieve in life, for God always listens and makes them come true if it's for the better. But then again, you really have to believe that God will always give you the best, even when the best is what we think isn't and not what we asked for. Don't just "work hard", but "work very very hard", and let things unfold naturally. Our job as humans is to try our best, aim as high as we can, but leave the results to God. This is the only way to feel complete and peaceful. "Complete" because we live with a mission, "peaceful" because we're letting God lead the way.

Do you guys have enemies? Having enemies in life is such a sad thing. Even though I don't hate anyone, I know that there are people out there who hate me. Therefore, I am an enemy to them, while they aren't to me. I often feel sad when I think about this, but then I realized that if I'm an enemy to someone, it doesn't always mean that I'm the bad one. It might be that that someone is the one having issues in dealing with life and reality. If you hate someone, doesn't that mean you have no room in your heart to forgive? Or no space in your mind to tolerate & compromise? Therefore, those who be-enemy others are the ones not owning big hearts, and that's even sadder.

Oh well, this is such a random post. Good night, guys! Love you, all...:)


S: "Can you get that for me?"
Me: "Can YOU get that for ME?"
S" "You get it! You're my wife!"
Me: "You get it! You're my husband!"
S: "Yeah but you're my wife."
Me: "Yeah but you're my husband."

Ahhhh I know I'm so annoying...:D