Lately I have been a bit "away" from the virtual world, either from my blog, my Twitter account, Facebook. There's been a lot of contemplation going on inside my mind. I dunno. The internet can be scary at times.

Internet is a masterpiece. It has allowed us to cross-express and cross-trade almost everything one can imagine. There's no more limitations and boundaries to have a voice in this world, to be heard, to share, to receive and even learn. Internet however, is a platform. We don't hide behind it, we run on it. We are on the front line, our names, our identities, our lives. Therefore, the 'human' factor is and shall always be the main content. Not fake names, not false information, not pretentious statements, not mis-lead assumptions and fights that happen because we trust what is said on the internet by people we don't even know more than we trust our loved ones.

I often find people who treat real life and internet as two different worlds, therefore show different personalities too. Why? Internet is also "real life", you know? At least for me. What I say & portray on my blog is exactly who I am in real life. So this is me. Raw. Internet helps us to reach those who can't be reach physically. And at the end of every reach, there are real life humans. Whatever you say or write on the internet, the world can see, the humans can feel. Have a heart. Even on the internet.