Burger Dreams

When you only have 2 hours of sleep every night, you end up...sleeping in McDonald's. Booyahh!

Pic taken by S...hahah!

I can sleep everywhere, peeps. I'm a Sleep-Wherever Master. Here's my tip if you wanna sleep in public places:
  • wear sunglasses. The cooler the better.
  • hold something that shows (as if) you're in the middle of an activity, but you're just pausing. For example, hold a pen, book, magazine or newspaper. Do NOT however hold your handphone. It might slip out of your hands while asleep.
  • rest your head onto something, like as for my case above, on the wall. You don't want to look uncool by having your head tilting left or right or front or back when you're too deep in your sleep.
Good luck! :D