Modest Love

Small things that make me happy:
  • Blogging
  • Wearing a colorful outfit
  • Having flowers / floral patterns on my outfit
  • Seeing dad chatting with S
  • Seeing dad laughing with S
  • Having lunch and chatting with mom
  • Seeing Keenan's innocent laugh while playing Office Jerk
  • Watching Glee and seeing Rachel and Finn together
  • Reading @msleamichele's tweets
  • Working and staying productive
  • Drinking Quickly
  • Eating chocolate & ice cream
  • Sticking stickers onto anything
  • Seeing S coming back from office
  • Seeing Hello Kitty merchandises
  • Listening to Gamaliel & Audrey sing
  • Spending time at Forever 21
  • Listening to Adele
  • Watching Adele's live performances on Youtube
  • Cooking
  • Thinking what to cook
  • Tidying up my room
  • Seeing how Nick is so sweet to Jess (in "The New Girl")
  • Seeing colorful markers and pens
  • Joking around & spending time with Intan