Valentine's Day #1

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)

Today is my first time celebrating Valentine's Day with S as a hubby hahah...feels beautiful...:) He took me out on a date, surprised me with flowers, allowed me to buy a fashion item of my own choice, and treated me sushi...yay! :)

I can never thank Allah enough for bringing S into my life. Until now, S and I still like to discuss about "why Allah brought us together", given our differences in so many things. S is the only person who is able to convince me that 'unconditional love' does exist besides parents'. It's weird.

Since the first time we got together as girlfriend-boyfriend, we sort of already knew that we were meant for each other. Somehow. Someway. It's like, things were falling into place. He was that 'someone' I've been searching for my entire life. There was no particular criteria though, it was just as random as your heart saying to yourself, "I am now complete". We dated for 5 years before we eventually tied the knot - 1,5 years together (in university) and 3,5 years apart (because he was working in KL upon graduation). It didn't bother me to go through a long distance relationship though. I just felt that everything was worth it.

It's interesting that many people were against our relationship back then, mainly because we carry different nationalities. But the beauty of it was, we were okay with that fact, and we didn't want to force anything to anyone even to ourselves. We listened to people's opinions and rejections. We wanted to appreciate the fact that people did care about us so much, and that we should not be blinded by love. We agreed that we should take further our relationship only based on how Allah wants it to be. So we let things flow naturally. And here we are.

So here's to a tough journey that made us strong.

Happy Love Day, my S. 143.


PS: Happy birthday to my lil' sis, INTAN! I wish nothing but the best - for you *Adele style*