The Bad Cupcake Analogy


When you're really craving for a delicious cupcake however found the cupcake you bought was totally tasteless, you can either:
  • get mad and throw the cupcake away
  • bring back the cupcake to the store and ask for refund
  • visit back the store and complain to the store manager
  • blab about it on social media
  • cry non-stop because I juuussttt waaannttedd a cuupcaaakee why is liiiifee sooo unfaaiiirrr
  • eat the cupcake because you've bought it anyway
  • just eat the icing because that part is still yummy
  • give the cupcake to someone less fortunate because he/she might appreciate it better
  • take pictures of the cupcake because regardless the taste, the cupcake looks cute!
You see, in life, we OFTEN get bad cupcakes. We all do. Life's good or bad simply depending on how we react to the situations we are forced to face.